Thursday, December 15, 2005

Blue Chip Investments

A blue chip is still a gambling chip.

It is just not a cheap chip.

A salesman, your broker, likes blue chip investments.

They sound secure.

They give him a transaction commission.

He probably gets residual commissions.

And because "everyone" says they are good blue chip investments, it is real hard to sue him for bad advice, - when you lose most of your money.

Here is a powerful rule of wealth:

  • Wealth is made through concentration, preserved through diversification.
Salesmen do it backwards. They want to lock up those lovely dollars of the rich, so they recommend one or two "blue chip" investments; they have also locked up their residuals. For the poor they just churn them for commissions, recommending one thing, then recommending selling it and buying another; rinse and repeat, each transaction makes them richer and you poorer.

A powerful rule of speculation:

  • Never buy what someone is trying to sell you.

If someone calls you with a great investment advice, hang up. They go to the trouble of calling because there is a reward for them; your money.

Seek out and understand where you want to put your money and time. Then seek out and discover who will give you the best service at the best price. You want to be in control.

No one cares more about your money and time than you, unless they plan on stealing it.




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