Friday, December 16, 2005

Book Review - Hot Commodities by Jim Rogers


Hot Commodities - How Anyone Can Invest Profitably In The World's Best Market.

As a disclaimer Jim Rogers has helped
Bastiat Free University set up a course based on what influenced him in his success, but I bought the book and reviewed it because of my respect for Rogers the investor.

In the early days Jim Rogers and George Soros started the Quantum Fund together - a huge hedge fund success. Rogers split off to manage his own money - and become a world wide adventurer - writing books that share his international insights.

This is not a
Jim Rogers the adventurer book.

Rogers first two books,
Investment Biker, and Adventure Capitalist were best sellers for a reason. You shared great and epic adventures with Jim Rogers and his companions, and you learned huge amounts of useful information about the world. The learning was not just painless, the books were a very pleasurable read of the can't wait to see what's next type.

This book is worth the read for the future trading and commodities market knowledge. I did not read it in one sitting, wondering what would be next. I instead read it carefully and found both basic and advanced future trading instruction throughout.

Jim Rogers is an uber-successful investor that knows what creates speculative gains. In Hot Commodities he shares some of his insights, but it is not story telling that shines this time. This book is full of what it will take to profit in the emerging commodities up cycle. Of course Rogers was positioning himself years ago, and has made profits already.

Most of us realize the financial instrument cycle (stocks, bonds, etc) is headed down. We keep bouncing around trying to find the next asset class up cycle. Jim Rogers is already there.

I usually read three or four books at a time, Hot Commodities was part of that list for over a month. I read a few chapters and set it down. I would pick it up days latter and read another chapter. Each time I learned more, each time I appreciated the depth of knowledge that Rogers was willing to share.

When I finished Hot Commodities I wished there was more; - I'll read it again to find that more.

You will find speculation rules in
Hot Commodities and you will also find good information. This information can help make you a successful speculator, and that is what is important.

In short this is a timely, important, speculation book.

We need to read it, reread it, and think about it;

if we want to invest successfully.



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