Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Free Elliott Wave Theory Tutorial

Learn one branch of market timing at no-charge with this free Elliott Wave course.

The bunch of Elliott Wave enthusiasts gathered around Robert Prechter have put together a no charge basics course that we can all review and understand.

They also have a free club that prints up occasional articles and analysis of Elliot Wave for members. You will be asked to join the club, for free, to access the tutorial. I've been a club member for many years, still free, still valuable.

This is what they say about their free course:

Elliott Wave International's tutorial is the most comprehensive introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle available in cyberspace. All ten lessons have been adapted from Prechter and Frost'’s Wall Street bestseller, Elliott Wave Principle - Key to Market Behavior.

To start your Elliott wave education now, click here.

If you just want to buy and read a book try The Elliott Wave Writings of A. J. Frost and Richard Russel.

A book that I enjoy is Socionomics by Robert Prechter. This book has a very wide view of Elliott Wave, applying it to everything from music to fashion to violence in movies and society. Of course it relates Elliott Wave to the markets also. This is a two book set, and a good read.

There are also a couple of books in the Bastiat Free University store at a great price if you want to look there. The BFU virtual store is under construction, watch your step.

If you want to view a fairly complex but quite useful no charge analysis of current Elliott Wave patterns check here. This analysis is of the Dow and S&P500 by someone not associated with the Elliott Wave theorists group; view this PDF by Zorian Gayer as provided by the Safe Haven feed.

There is a lot of good, free information on Elliott Wave out there.

If you want to really dig in and understand Elliott Wave, there is a book store run by Prechtor's group.

If you are new to technical analysis, this is just one style. It has had some spectacular long term hits and a few dismal errors over the years. It is very valuable at times to find entry and exit points in markets short term. I have just ordered the Beautiful Pictures book from the Elliot Wave book store, I'll probably review it here.

is a fun and useful field to explore.

Hari Seldon, of the Foundation series of books by futurist Isaac Asimov, would understand.



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