Monday, January 30, 2006

Buy - Don't Be Sold

Research of speculation options has never been easier.

Learn for yourself the best ways to research and purchase your speculations.

Hang up if someone telephones you with a stock, option, or commodity tip. They are after a commission, they want your money - they are not interested in making you money.

Delete e-mails with promises of great returns, and "proof" of success. Figures don't lie - but liars sure can figure.

If someone contacts you to sell you something - don't even listen.

Think about what you hear on the news.
Read good books on investment and speculation. Research with free on-line services that provide data.

Do it yourself - for yourself.

Once you know the asset class in which you want to speculate - research the brokers and advisors in that arena. If they call you first - hang up.

You want to be in charge.

Pick your broker on price and service, pick your speculation on the elements we discuss here or that you learn from good books.

Ask your broker for help if you need it, you are paying him for service, but don't let him talk you into anything; not anything at all.

Nobody cares more about your money than you do - unless the plan to steal it.



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