Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Daily Reckoning

The Daily Reckoning is an interesting source of unconventional financial news.

A subscription to
The Daily reckoning is free, this is not an ad.

The Daily Reckoning is just one of a few e-mail news letters I ask to receive, and want to read.

A few of the others are the free
Sovereign Society A-Letter, the free International Living, and the inexpensive Sovereign Life Report.

Get The Daily Reckoning .

The Sovereign Society A-Letter.

International Living.

The Sovereign Life Report. ( I do get a small kick back from Sovereign Life)

All of these are great resources, all will stop sending the letters if you wish.

These all offer either contrarian views of finance and living, or provide options and opinions that will be different from what you normally hear.

You can't make an informed choice if you do not know you have a choice.

All four are worth a look:
The Daily Reckoning, The A-Letter, International Living, & Sovereign Life.

It is your life.

Live it! Be Free in it! Enjoy it!

Life, Liberty, And the right to pursue your own definition of happiness.



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