Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Economists - Intelligent Design and Evolution In The Markets

Economists - Intelligent Design and Evolution vis-a-vis Free Markets and Market Interventionalism.

I don't agree with either Evolution or Intelligent Design; put me with the late R. Buckminster Fuller as a Devolutionist, for now.

But we are talking markets and economists here.

This is none the less an informative article on the corollary debate between free markets vs. interventionalism and the debate of Evolution and intelligent Design.

The fact I disagree with the precept of some arguments does not mean I can not learn from reading them. I am willing to change my own precepts if they prove wrong.

Those of you that have read my writings know I think left and right are real fuzzy terms. I prefer totalitarian and liberty as the extremes on the continuum. That likely puts both sides of this debate on the totalitarian side of the ledger; one just a bit further left than the other.

develop your own opinion on that. To me the fact that both sides seem to support public education is a direction sign.

The fact that I have little respect for most modern economists, is just the viewpoint I enter with. I try to keep an open mind and weigh information impartially. - I have been wrong enough I do want to be open to truth.

The referenced Intelligent Design vs. Evolutionary economics article by Max Borders, writing for TCS, is a fine reactionary rant that sets the stage for counter debate.

I did not find any compelling reasons to change my opinions - but I have learned from reading the article.

Learning is important to me.



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