Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Speculator As Hero - by Doug Casey

Doug Casey is a legend in the contrarian, international real estate, and speculation ranks.

Doug Casey wrote an excellent article The Speculator as Hero.

He frequently seems to be too early, and often is very right.

Wealth is made through concentration, preserved through diversification. Doug Casey can help us with both.

Five or ten years ago I picked up some uranium speculations based on Doug's research and recommendation.

I doubled my money and moved on.

I would have done far better if I had held those positions longer. - Doug Casey is that good. My patience is that poor.

I have benefited from several other speculations he has suggested.

Doug is also willing to admit when he is wrong, a very valuable personality trait.

He has helped construct a course at Bastiat Free University based on influences that have shaped his life. - It is far better to get advice from a
successful thinker & doer like Doug Casey than from a professor with book knowledge only.

Doug Casey is the author of this four page PDF file, The Speculator as Hero.

Read it.

(if you need a PDF reader try the free foxit reader on our download page, very cool)

If you want regular updates of what Doug Casey is doing, subscribe to his excellent news letter The International Speculator. In his newsletter we do not just get some speculation ideas to research, we find a wonderful knowledge base for profiting in our crazy world.

I get nothing for this recommendation, I have not even told Doug I am writing it. I do feel
everyone that invests should read some Doug Casey first. His best sellers are out of print now, look in the used book stores.

Always read the books about a speculation before you buy the speculation.

You can start exploring Doug's insights by reading his essay.

Here is that link again to the free PDF file: The Speculator as Hero - by Doug Casey



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