Friday, January 06, 2006

Two Elliott Wave Books, Half Off or better

Elliott Wave is a very successful form of financial technical analysis.

There have been some spectacular successes, and some dismal misses using
Elliott Wave.

Elliott Wave is well suited to speculation. When Speculating the key is to let your profits run and cut your losses short. Make big money on large, long market moves, lose a small amount many times on misses. - The end result can be spectacular returns.

Elliott Wave you can pick a price point before you enter the trade that will indicate you are wrong. This allows you to exit quickly, preserving capital for when you are right.

Go to this site to get a free tutorial in Elliott Wave from some of the top practitioners of the art. You will have to join their free club,
do it.

There are more benefits to the free club than just the tutorial, and the free
Elliott Wave tutorial is valuable.

Elliott Wave
is an art, not a science; but it is an art based on real numbers. These books are practical, but they will also let you appreciate the art.

For those half price
Elliott Wave books there are a pair of them at the bookstore.

The Elliott Wave Principle lists for US$55.00, I've seen it on sale around $35.00; at the bookstore it sells for $24.99.

Conquer The Crash lists for $19.95, I've seen it on sale around $15.00; at the bookstore it sells for $9.99.

To insure that half off, if you just buy
Conquer The Crash it will be $9.50 with a mention of Speculation Rules.

Mention on your check, or dollar denominated draft, that you were sent by
Speculation Rules and you can get both books for $30.00.

send us an e-mail at
sale- at- to expedite service. We really have not had time to finish construction of the store, watch your step. Once BFU itself is done the store will follow.

This is just while supplies last.

Two Great Books - one low price for both.

Go for it!



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