Friday, March 31, 2006

Figures Don't Lie

Figures Don't lie, But liars sure can figure.

There has been talk of tipping points in many areas recently.

A tipping point is that instant where a feathers weight can shift a teeter-totter or break a camels back. Before that point all was stable, after that point all is massively different.

Custom derivative liquidity, stock market valuations, and more - all are capable of sudden and massive swings.

I think we may be close to an inflection or tipping point in the average American's perception of their government. A primary purpose of public schools is indoctrination -- creating a conditioned obedience response to authority. To challenge years of training will require a massive shift of confidence.

Today the average American believes those parts of the government that they don't understand - and seriously doubts the areas with which they are familiar.

As to what will happen if a tipping point of realization happens - we can guess - and we can protect ourselves - at least financially.

Just as a fad - poker, baseball cards, bowling - can suddenly appear or disappear, so can mass perceptions seem to shift overnight.

An overview of what may trigger this realization is available at the link in the headline, or for a cogent synopsis read this short report by Doug Hornig.

This might be another good time for a small bet on volatility, or any of a dozen other interesting plays. This is of course not investment advice - it is just a reflection of what I am thinking. Do your own research - follow your own counsel.

We will repeat an important
speculation rule:

Just because something is inevitable does not mean it has to be immediate.

Enjoy Life.

tomorrow our lives may change drastically.



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