Thursday, June 29, 2006

Acknowledging A Resource - Bastiat Free University


Bastiat Free University is One year old today - this is also birthday
205 for the great economic philosopher C. F. Bastiat.

The courses at Bastiat Free University are chosen for learning about the real world - not for the self aggrandizement of professional students that became university professors.

Of interest here are the Bastiat
College Of Human Interaction and the BFU Master's Courses.

The college of human interaction eschews complicated math and emphasizes rational thought - a much better process for understanding our world. The soft sciences are best treated as what they are - social interaction - rather than cumbersome and inaccurate number problems.
BFUniv does just that.

The Master's Courses are a real treat. Here successful masters of their subjects share what has influenced them in their route to the top. You will not be reading their books - although their books are recommended - you will be reading what
they read on their own journey to success.

When a best selling business writer and thoughtful speculator like
Jim Rogers offers to pass on his illumination of the path to investment success - it is worth taking the torch he offers.

When a serial entrepreneur such as
Dottie Walters ascribes her success to more than the obvious talent and hard work - any business person would be remiss to ignore her hard won insights. "Success is not a doorway, it's a staircase."

There are others - take a look.

Happy Birthday Bastiat
- and many happy returns.



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