Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Big Real Estate OUCH Is Yet To Come


I wrote a piece a few weeks ago about how
Realtors should prepare for the real estate slowdown and collapse.

The collapse is picking up speed. The destruction of real estate values starts with new homes, and then it effects the used home market. There will be plenty of vacancies and foreclosed properties in a short while to satisfy, and trap, over eager investors looking to snap up deals.

You can afford to wait.

Over at Mish's blog Mike got Mike to give a streets eye view of the home builder's implosion. It is not pretty.

In my article I made two points to Realtors, the first was to not go into denial.

If you own a home, sell homes, build homes, sell mortgages, or are otherwise involved in the real estate industry you need to read Cool Aid & Krispy Kreams.

If you are still in a trailer, your don't need to read the article, but you do need to know that jobs are going to be hard to find.

Now might be a good time to start your own internet business - internet real estate is far less regulated and manipulated, for now. Expect taxes and regulation to increase as government windfall tax thefts from the real estate boom decrease.

Our governments don't know how to cut back - they only know how to bleed more and different citizens. Start up costs on the internet are still amazingly low.

Get your internet business started now and beat the rush.

If you are still in real estate - there are already a lot of people rushing the exit, you may want to go out a (first floor) window.




Nobody knew this coming real estate was a sure thing remember. You can never go wrong buying a home.

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