Friday, October 27, 2006

Start An Investment Blog


You probably have a unique viewpoint on personal or professional finance - why not start an investment blog

Beside the information I drop into Speculation Rules; I also rant about things economic at A Sovereign Speculator, I display relevant money making information at my Small Business Ideas blog, and I throw out interesting financial tid-bits at the Bastiat Free University blog.

If I can find the time to do this, and a readership can find time to enjoy it - I'm sure you could profit from time spent blogging.

Profit from blogging? You probably won't find another substantial income in blogging, at least I haven't yet. It however does help indirectly with creating traffic that I can redirect to my other ventures.

The real benefit of blogging is that it helps you crystallize your thoughts and learn those truths you follow more deeply. There is really no better way to learn than teach. Starting you own investment blog will help you learn.

How to go about it?

For a nice list of 25 suggestions from the Blue Print For Financial Prosperity site on starting your own investment blog:

25 Steps To A Wildly Successful Personal Finance Blog




Not a bad idea.

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