Thursday, November 16, 2006

Doug Casey - Are His Advice And Picks Worth Considering?

The short answer about Doug Casey's picks and advice is -- subscribe to the International Speculator.

I am not a paid shill for Doug Casey, I am a long term satisfied customer.

Doug has done me a favor in the past. He helped create a master's course for Bastiat Free University. The course is not based on his top selling books, it is based on the books that helped influence him as he was becoming a success. He has freely helped BFU students to look behind his intellectual development and offered tools to assist in their development.

But that is not why I am writing this.

I saw an article disparaging Doug Casey because of the extraordinary gains he proclaims in his advertising. While there is a good marketing and sales reason to make those claims, with Doug there is one added comment - he has actually accomplished those gains. Unlike the con-artists and scam boys however - he does not claim to have made those gains overnight.

There is a reason those kind of numbers are thrown around by every marketing guru, inflated claims work. The difference with Doug Casey's numbers is that Doug takes a very informed, long term, fundamental view - and he is frequently too early.

An example was in the Doug Casey uranium picks. It was five or more years ago Doug started talking about uranium. He gave specific picks, I bought a couple based on his reasoning and my subsequent research. Uranium was hated, Europe and the greens were talking about shutting down all nuclear generators, and the price had gone down to no-where.

I held for probably six months to a year, that is very long term for me. I got out with a sizable profit on a short run. After their run the stocks settled back down again. I should have held. Doug was still recommending and accumulating uranium companies.

A couple of years latter the stocks started their major run. I watched from the sidelines. eventually the stocks bypassed my exit point - but I had my money elsewhere and was happy I had made a quick profit. Then the stocks doubled, and over time - doubled again, and again.

Those claims of 1000% profits are not made up. They were also not made on a lucky stab at a hot market. They were made by research, walking moose pasture talking to geologists and company management, and by sitting.

Doug will get you out of his stock and land picks at the mania stage - when everyone is claiming huge profits and stocks are jumping. That is; he will tell you when he exits, and you can follow if you have not joined the crazy mob.

Doug Casey will then be putting his money into the next boring thing that hasn't moved in a very long time, something people hate. This is not exciting investing you can talk about at a cocktail party, but profitable? Oh my yes!

The report that bad mouthed Doug did so on the basis those huge gains came in the energy sector, that is a hot sector - and a lucky guess can create big gains. If the writer would have investigated he would have seen the start of those energy picks was well before the markets took off. You can say the same about gold stocks, property in Aspen (he was there too early, left too soon), and the other markets Doug discovers or uncovers.

Being too early and leaving too soon are speculation rules that can help you gain and keep wealth.

I don't make a cent by recommending Doug Casey. But I would suggest you pick up one of his news letters. If you are able to sit on an opportunity of great value and wait for it to mature, pay close attention to his next recommendations of an out-of-favor sector.

Doug does not call his picks "reccomendations," he just states that they are records of what he is thinking and doing at that moment. He both thinks and works very hard at his speculating.

You will learn a great deal more from Doug Casey than just speculating - but I will let you discover that bonus for yourself.

Try The International Speculator today, at any price it is a bargin.




I remember doug casey from years back this guys been a gloom and doomer all his life.

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