Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Squidoo for Building Wealth

Just a quick note from vacation about a new Squidoo lens about building wealth; creating wealth - growing wealth - and protecting wealth.

This was a fun few hours putting down some recommendations on books and some links to help folks manage their financial risks and get wealth. If you have read this blog for a while you will recognize my voice in the short passages.

Drop by and take a look. Please give me a comment or suggestion - a little help is always appreciated.

You might want to make a lens yourself - it's free, and you might even make some money for yourself or charity. I'll be using any money made to help re-engineer education over at Bastiat Free University. The education industry needs to be re-built from the bottom up - each college donation to BFU will help.

The full name on the one page about wealth building; a Squidoo lens used to focus attention on one idea, is:

Building Wealth - create and preserve your own wealth.

I had created other Squidoo lenses including one for Bastiat Free University and a niche market test about Swiss watches, Swiss gifts, and other Swiss goodies.

I've now created several other focused pages such as one on bureaucrat tipping adventures and another on becoming a permanent tourist. It has been fun.

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