Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Very busy at BFU - a bit off topic


I of course take the time to manage my speculations, but I have slacked off a bit from blogging as I work on some other projects. As an on topic aside, your own business can be an excellent speculation in its own right.

"What projects" you ask.

Well since you insist I've been working around the Bastiat Free University concept and adding some new touches.

We have started on two rather exciting new projects. The first is packaging classes into an Achievement Certificate Program, but others have done that before. Our first offer package is an Entrepreneurial Achievement Certificate. We also have another project that we don't think has seen the light of day in centuries - a subscription college.

The idea in the subscription college is to pay one low monthly fee, and take as many college courses as you think you can handle. There are no administration fees, unit fees, or other costs - just one low automatic monthly charge.

As part of the marketing for Bastiat Free University I have created a couple of Squidoo lenses, that has actually been a fun exercise. While they will need a bit of polishing they are up and running. Once polished a bit, they should be easy to maintain. The second is a concept test - a niche market lens on Swiss Gifts.

I will try to remember to come back here and post about alternatives that are available in finance, but those type of posts may be infrequent for a while. In the meantime I've given you lots of links to click above, and there are the archives to the right.

I'm enjoying life, it is my sincere wish that you will also find the best available in your life.




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