Friday, December 01, 2006

Elliott Wave Futures - Wide Open Free Week of futures trading analysis


Wide open access for one week to the most popular Elliott Wave commodities picking service -- Futures Junctures. If this one is past, there will be another Elliott Wave FreeWeek, click the link for more information. Take a look now at the special free week page to see all the goodies offered.

In the meantime take a free tutorial to help you understand all the Elliott Wave information you will receive:

1) Elliott Wave International's tutorial is a comprehensive introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle. All ten lessons have been adapted from Robert Prechter Jr. and A. J. Frost’s Wall Street bestseller, Elliott Wave Principle - Key to Market Behavior.

To start your Elliott wave education now, click here.

For me the greatest value of Elliott Wave is in entering a trade. If you have a high level of confidence that once a market breaks a certain price level the move will continue, you have a good entry point. If the market then retraces back past that entry point, you now have a good exit point.

This helps with the most basic of speculation rules -- keep your losses small, let your profits run.

When we say wide open free week, we mean no Free EWI Club sign up is required. All visitors to Elliott Wave International from Speculation Rules will have direct access for one free week of valuable Elliott wave analysis. We recommend you sign up for the free EWI club anyway, there are a lot of insightful articles and the powerful documentary Histories Hidden Engine that will be made available for free.

Use this free Elliott Wave week of Futures Junctures to see if Elliott Wave trading can help you.




I remember the wave theory from years ago.

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