Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

This is not quite the revival of the Speculation Rules anti-investment blog mentioned in the prior post. It is however a wonderful summation of current market activity by Robert Prechter, the analyst that called three of the last two market crashes.

That means Robert Prechter is not perfect in his calls, no one is, nor does he claim perfection. In fact for someone with a long and great record he is surprisingly humble. History shows that when Bob Prechter does issue a warning, it is worth listening, and worth being extra cautious.

Watch this short introductory video of an interview of Robert Prechter of Elliott Wave International from October 19th of last year; it's presented on YouTube.

Since his club EWI is free, it makes it a no-brainer to explore all he has to offer. The free Elliott wave tutorials, videos, e-books, etc. can do much to add balance to your speculative tool kit.

Here is the Elliott Wave International blurb, and some good advice:

Everyone wants to know, "Is the worst over for stocks?" If you're familiar with Bob Prechter and his work, you won't be surprised that his short answer is "NO." But ... it's his long answer that is much more compelling, including insights into what you should be doing NOW to prepare for what's still to come.

You just watched Bob’s short answer. For his long answer, you must join his free community, Club EWI. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW

Take a look, join the club (no credit card required), and do some preparation. Don't try to avoid risk, you can't. Instead embrace risk and learn to control it.

You have been warned about the dangers ahead.


Now it is time to consider possible profits.

What is Robert Prechters' latest free Elliot Wave offering?

Worried About Recession?

World-renowned market forecaster, Bob Prechter, presents 3 FREE videos and a FREE report that will show you how staying cool and calm will give you a major advantage over others.

These free resources will tell you what to do during a recession, including how to survive a recession, how to make money in a recession and whether or not gold is the best investment strategy in recession.

Get Your FREE Resources NOW!


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