Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's make it official

As you've seen in recent posts I keep writing more and more on Squidoo, and less and less here.

Squidoo has more tools than a blog, and each entry grows in readership over time, instead of disappearing into the archives. I've tried various archiving methods on other blogs, but with few exceptions, older posts just sit there unread. If you want to try Squidoo too, there will be a link on my "lens."

It does take more time to build a quality Squidoo lens about finance, but over time readership increases. It is fairly easy to find and improve what I've written, something that rarely happens to these journal posts.

A recent lens to support my daughter in her new frugal family business is a good example, I amplified the bits about living in simplicity days after it was written. The page is generating a steady growth of interest.

Here is the new style I'm going to test for a while. I have a Squidoo lens that lists what I've written there. At the top of the page I will list my most recent pages, the others will be grouped by category. If you want to treat it like a blog, just look at the most recent entries.

If you find something interesting, say about finance or investing, scroll down to the "pursuit of property module" and find more on the managing your money. I will be playing with the format - over the next few months it may change occasionally.

Go take a look, the page is (currently) titled:

"An eccentric old fellow who trains visionaries." - a lensography


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