Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back At Speculation Rules - Educational Importance

I've been away for a year or two.

After my warnings and futurist ramblings began to pay fruit, it was time to depart. The worst of the beginning of the depression is past.

Unfortunately the tools used to paper over the problems will make the start of the middle of this depression much worse. We should be entering that this year, perhaps soon. The next few decades will not be pleasant for the majority of those that were brainwashed in compulsory schools.

Pick up Seth Godin's book Linchpin, it will tell you of how and why you were trapped, and give Seth's vision of a way out. I have many pages on the 'net where you can get similar information, but he is a better writer than myself.

Here we will talk about investments and the future, that combination is what defines speculation. The definition of investment is someone speculating for you, you take the risks, they make a sure profit. Those gambling on the effects of government interventions may be called speculators, but they are gamblers - unless it's a bankster with government guarantees and taxpayer bailouts when their gambling addictions go wrong. That's not investment, speculation, or gambling -- that's government corruption.

Here you will sharpen your very human aptitude to analyze the future. We live in interesting times, we may as well enjoy and profit from them.

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Theirs always someone who thinks they have the markets figured out.

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