Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Pregnant Pole-vaulter and the Assassin

My note before you consider this.

The USA has 12.5 trillion in debt. This year we will add at least another 2 trillion in debt. GDP is falling quickly, and may soon be under 14 trillion. That's over 100% debt/GDP. As I read in a comic the other day, don't tell the president and congress what number is bigger than a trillion.

I heard a congressperson assure us there is no debt problem, "There are three types of congresspeople, those that don't understand math and those that do. I'm one of them." He/she may be the same presidential hopeful that thought we could revive the economy by raising the minimum wage to $2,000 per hour, "Then everyone will have lots of money."

Let's go watch an interview that makes all of this clear.

Somebody is preparing to kill America.

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