Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Those Who Can't Do, Teach - internet business startup ideas

That is the reason I've re-started this blog, and soon the main Speculation Rules website. I've enjoyed teaching many subjects, many of them business, investment and speculation related.

I remember when I was selling real estate. A Realtor came up to me after I had put my fifth or sixth sale on the board, still early in the month. He asked "Are you the one that taught the Closing The Buyer course." I admitted to the charge. His reply changed how I started my courses in the future: "If I had known you were good, I would have listened."

I'm Good.

Now that we have that out of the way, there is an area where my results have been spotty. As a consultant to small businesses I've investigated the best ways for my clients to use the internet. Most methods, most programs, and most gurus are worthless. You know that.

I've found a few that serve a specific purpose quite well, and I've shared that knowledge with others - earning a bit of a commission as an Affiliate Marketer, and helping those looking to start or grow a business on the internet. Of course my clients knew I was getting a referral fee, and knew they could earn referral fees as business affiliates in the future.

Some of my web sites bring in occasional money - but I haven't pushed it. My Squidoo lenses make money, but by my choice it all automatically goes to micro-finance solutions for world poverty provided by the Grameen Foundation. The Grameen Foundation is creating a rising tide of positive influence upon our world.

That makes me feel good, although I wouldn't share it unless I thought you might like to earn some of the sweet taste of giving yourself.

What I haven't done is try to create a steady income I can point to as proof of the validity of an Internet business. I've been happy with what I've been doing as a business consultant. I've seen people create internet businesses, I've helped them succeed, I logically know I can do it too, but I haven't done it until now.

What changed?

The economy changed, permanently. The coercive education system that trained cogs for factories and political parties has prepared people for exactly the wrong future.

A new future started yesterday. Good jobs are disappearing, good businesses are closing. Middle class cogs are being replaced. A third or more of the country is lying in rusting piles of human cogs, cogs buried under the sand, and cogs being used as paper weights (if the government still used the same statistical measures it used during the last depression).

It's nobody's fault the world is changing, but the response governments are making will hurt even more people. Extending unemployment benefits beyond two years for people waiting for jobs that will never return - insane. They should have retained the original 28 weeks of unemployment coverage, offering job seekers training to join the new middle class: technology empowered individuals.

I imagine when guilds started collapsing guild member's unemployment benefits were extended, at least until the effects of factories destroying their middle class jobs blew over. Oops. Now we are making the same mistake with middle class factory and office workers. Oops again. Neither guild smiths, nor high paid union jobs, nor middle management serfs will rise again.

Back to the start. I've restarted Speculation Rules to show that good money, more than enough money to pop above middle class, can be made on the internet. I will prove it.

I've found people start a business for different reasons.

I'll provide links here to what I have found to be the best opportunities on the internet for people wanting to create cash flow from their own business - for each of their reasons. there are only a few online resources I can recommend, so some of these links may repeat:

I'm Broke (broke is better than poor, it's temporary)

I don't want a boss (Let me be independent, with some time to enjoy the money I make)

I want to work from home (I will find time to work, and want time for family and friends)

I want to earn money while I travel (ONE) & (TWO) (I may relocate permanently)

I'm a professional or local business (somebody build me a site that gets more clients)

I'm willing to work smart - for long hours - for a chance to get rich (but no scams allowed)

These reasons of yours, and others I haven't mentioned, are not mutually exclusive. Pick more than one if you wish.

But get started right now! Make mistakes so you know what you need to learn. Then fail, each time you fail get up with more knowledge and attack again. You can soon be part of the new middle class, and perhaps become wealthy.

I'll be proving it right alongside you. If you want to contact me, use the contact link in my bio on this business ideas lens.

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