Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stock Market Newsletters


Find your own financial service advisers. If they call you first, hang up.

You want a financial service adviser picked by you for price and quality.

If they call you, an "investment adviser" wants a quick commission, and then it's on to the next prospect. These are salesmen - you probably already know more about investments than they ever will. Do your own research, or pick a financial adviser after you have researched them. You should to be in charge.

I currently have only two financial advisory services where I am quite comfortable using their newsletters as a starting point in my speculation thought process.

There used to be three – sadly you can no longer profit from the Ney Report by Richard Ney.

Richard Ney was author of several useful books in the 1960s including The Wall Street Jungle, Mr. Ney is no longer with us; look for his books in a used book store. His unique insights are well worth considering as you make your investments.

The other two are the Elliott Wave Theorist and the International Speculator. Look at these and get some of their great information.

Join Club EWI from Elliott Wave International for free and read their articles and get free speculation training. Elliott Wave International also provides fresh and insightful financial market news of an unusual type.

Doug Casey has several services besides the International Speculator, but it is is a good risk free place to start. You will learn much more from Doug than just market knowledge.

No one cares more about your personal finances than you. You have a huge advantage over professional investors.

Professionals get their MBA and dive right into a specialized financial niche. As a private investor you will not be better at analyzing bonds than a bonds pro, or better at trading wheat than a wheat specialist. You can be good at guessing what's next, and learning how to profit in the almost now best sector to invest.

If you think metals will take off as China's growth accelerates, you can research iron, gold, and uranium. The bond and wheat trader will still be great at their niche, but that's it.

When in a decade or two you decide everyone hates stocks and bonds, switch back and by some stocks. If the professional bond trader is still in business, he'll still be great at bonds.

You can be a generalist, you can switch asset classes at will - you can succeed.

It is a great advantage.

Remember to think for yourself. Many advisor's ideas will be good, and some will be timely; but only a few will be both good and timely for you.

Make up your own mind.

No one cares more about your money than you.


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