Friday, March 24, 2006

Doug Casey - A Mentor On Speculation

Doug Casey is always worth the read - you can learn a lot and probably make money reading Doug.

Even more important you can preserve capital reading Doug Casey and thinking about the larger implications of his insights.

Doug Casey's most recent warning is a high value taste of using non-standard metrics to analyze a market - in this case the uranium juniors. This is taken from the 321Energy site, a valuable resource for mostly balanced information.

Read this not because you are interested in Canadian moose pasture, but because Doug shows several indicators that a market, any market, is overheated.

If you have very little money - subscribe to Doug Casey's International Speculator - and follow his advice closely. You will probably make money - you will definitely learn a lot about speculation.

(Doug Casey did create a course for Bastiat Free University, but I receive nothing for recommending him, he has taught me a lot and helped me make money speculating, that is enough for me.)

If you have a lot of capital - subscribe to Doug Casey's International Speculator - and several of his other services also. Doug tries to position himself for moves years ahead of the crowd - he did that with uranium when it was a hated investment, I've seen him do it in other markets also.

Doug may also help get you out a bit too early on his market segment calls. That should help preserve your capital.

An important
Speculation Rule:

Don't try to get the last 10% of a run.

Learn from Doug Casey - and maybe make or preserve some money also.

I have.




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