Sunday, July 30, 2006

Long Tail - The Great Unraveling

For those of you that are generation X or older - the long tail may mean nothing - yet.

Chris Anderson has written a good book on the subject -

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More

Business has been changing furiously as technologically empowered individuals bypass standard distribution channels and order directly from a particular source.

New technology based businesses are springing up that offer specifically tailored merchandise to ever smaller niches. The industrial age efficiencies of mass marketing and economy of scale are collapsing. The new marketing power is in the thin long tail extremes of the bell curve.

The Internet provides a world wide market of billions of people - a small niche that would not support a local business is large enough to make a global Netcohort netrepreneur wealthy.

In speculations we have dealt with fat tails for years - the chances of a big move in the markets are far greater than usually anticipated by mathematical models. We now also have to concern ourselves with the implications of a long tail. Notice with both the emphasis has shifted from the comforting center of the bell curve.

That long tail will effect your speculations and your investments. If you want to see an entertaining presentation of the sort the Netcohort network is creating ever more frequently - watch this short video on UTube:


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