Friday, July 28, 2006

More On Old Books

A consistent theme of our speculation rules is that knowledge is less expensive if acquired through investment books than through experience.

Our immediately prior post was on the virtues of reading old investment books. Old financial books have a different perspective than we have acquired in the modern age.

An old stock market book author's investment blind spots are different than our investment blind spots. If we read these insightful investment books with an open mind we may discover not only an ancient view point - but errors in our modern analysis.

There is a source for many older and downright old investment books that are being reprinted.

Fraser Publishing - Books for the Serious Investor.

There are discounts and distressed financial book deals at their Internet site - although if you are like me there is something to be said for having a book catalog in your hand. Many of these books eschew investment for the financial control offered by speculation - a definite plus in my book.

I ordered their "serious investor" book catalog.

today's Speculation Rule:

Buy and read some serious investor books before making the investment.



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