Monday, September 25, 2006

The Elliott Wave International Bookstore

This journal entry is only incidentally touting the Elliott Wave International Bookstore.

Yes, if you love to read, and you love to read a good financial book in particular, you should go take a look right now.

I have been contacted by someone - for someone - that would like to put one of the Elliott Wave International's bookstore graphics in their blogspot blog. I could offer to host it on one of my sites, Elliott Wave International could host it on their site, or the guy could put it on something that allows picture and graphics hosting.

I wanted to see if I can drop it in here and get blogspot to host the Elliott Wave bookstore graphic. Yeppers - it just dropped into the top of this entry.

My next step is to drop it into the sidebar by referencing this particular bookstore graphic. If that works I'll send the information back through the six degrees of separation to the original requester.

We will now return to our normal financial journal programing, if there had been a real Internet or financial issue you would have been directed to our rant blog - A Sovereign Speculator.

If you can't wait for the next installment of this journal - go visit that (by now) highly touted Elliott Wave International bookstore.

If you just want to explore things Elliott, including a wonderful free Elliott Wave tutorial, there is a lot of information on the main Elliott Wave International site.



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