Friday, September 01, 2006

Making Money With An Online Business

Making money business ideas does not sound like investment information.

Not surprisingly I see similarities.

The hype you get from money making online business sites is not unlike the hype you get from financial advisers.

Both sound so simple and so easy. Send in your money - make more money. The more you send, the bigger your profits will be. Do it today - tomorrow may be too late.

The advisers and scam artists have a great deal in common with the economists listed in the prior blog entry. To believe their money making projections you must suspend rational limitations.

you have to surrender to greed.

There are learning curves to investing and to running an online business. Like most such curves they travel through three major stages.

1) You know you don't know.
This is where we all start. We can learn for ourselves, or we can rely on experts. If all we do is rely on experts, we run into risks we can not understand. To grow and increase the safety of our money we must gain knowledge and experience - do it yourself.

2) You know but are unsure of how to apply your knowledge.
If you grew a bit in the first phase you can now scale up your investment size. Learn about new techniques and classes of money making. Dig in to uncover the knowledge of how the markets work, learn those realities that will never make the front page - start small - scale slowly.

3) You know and are sure of your knowledge and yourself.
You have explored a lot of areas and found just a few that fit you very well. You have developed your own winning style. Money is no longer the object, it is a product of your passionate understanding - keep learning.

These points are of course simplistic - but it is not yet time to write the book.

If you are looking to make money in any venue, from investing and speculating to harvesting money making business ideas, there are but three starting rules.

Do it yourself.

Start small - scale up slowly.

Keep learning.



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