Sunday, October 15, 2006

Honest Investment Advice

If you want honest how to invest advice I'll be happy to direct you.

Right back to yourself.

For honest investing advice without conflicts of interest - you are your own best chance. Yes, we can lie to ourselves and even fool ourselves - but we usually work to our own best interests. It might take a bit of courage - but we can listen when we are honest - if we really want to.

Anyone else has an agenda when offering advice. They may honestly believe the advice - but they would probably not give it if it would hurt them.

A financial planner may have taken several courses in financial planning, but that usually means they have learned how to sell insurance, mutual funds, and other financial products. Whether flat fee or commission, they are working to feed themselves first, and they may even hope you do well also.

Brokers, accountants, college finance professors; they earn their living providing directions. They are not going to tell you to read a few books and handle your own money. By the time they are done talking, speculation will sound complicated and dangerous - "better let the professionals handle it" (them).

Start small, give honest investment information to yourself, learn as you go. Take a look at some of the finance book reviews at our main speculation rules site.

You can do this.

No one honestly
cares more about your investment money than you - unless they plan to use or steal your money.




Sounds good to me.

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