Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Twilight Zone Economics; four indicators of collapse

If what you read in the press seems surreal, if each item reported is isolated from each other item like trees considered separately from their forest, if chicken heads are commenting on television while their bodies run around in thoughtless panic ...

You have entered the
Economic Twilight Zone.

  • Twilight calls to mind:
  1. the end of visibility
  2. Vampire Regulations
  3. emerging phantasmagoria
  4. a one way trip
There is other twilight imagery that could be called up, but the primary issue is the last. It has been pointed out that governments have sucked so much blood from their citizens that it will take generations to rebuild a healthy victim stock. This is an error.

The parasites have killed their victims, there will be no third or fourth generation to bleed. All that remains is for the nation states to not waken after this sickly nightmare reaches its conclusion.

Is there a solution? Or at least a dim candle we can light against the encroaching phantoms playing at the edge of our vision? The funky music has started, the first commercials are selling the pleasures of whistling while walking past the tombstones of failed governments. The show is about to start -- your life is a twilight zone script.

There is the start of a solution; we can rethink our thinking. We can probably not stop politicians from destroying the world. We can however write a sequel by planning what sort of world we will rebuild once this long night of destruction has passed. There is a better world management system than
our current win-kill philosophy will allow.

For survivors: Interactions in our social world are related. It is not a single oil spill, a dozen or two individual wars, separate tragedies and triumphs by the score -- our world is one interrelated system. Our social perception systems are obsolete.

Twilight Zone Economics has us camped exposed at the edge of a forest of protection, dismayed by the shadows cast by individual trees. We can enter the forest, and discover the trees are ourselves. It is we as individuals striving in competition for the sun that may allow economic ecosystem survival or re-creation.

Passing beyond Twilight Zone Economics.

How 'bouts a fictional hacker escape?

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Who knows what the future holds.

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