Friday, April 28, 2006

A New Speculation Rules Coming At Ya

Not quite ready for the financial prime time.

Sometime in the next week there will be a switch over at the personal financial resource site - The Spec has been a simple holding site with a few investment articles until this speculation journal got established here.

The new site will organize our journal entries and articles into an easy to retrieve whole. There will also be tools available to help you with your speculation decisions.

Take a look at the current site and you will get a feel for what basic is all about. Come back to it in a week and you will see the framework of a solid financial, speculation, and investment resource.

Over the next several months the site should fill up with helpful material, let me know if there is a speculation topic that you would like addressed. We will try to make the Spec easy to use and navigate - let us know how we fare.

Once you look at the framework you may also have some suggestions on improving the financial usefulness of Speculation Rules - I would love to hear them.

It will be fun - when is done.



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