Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Anti-Investment Blog


Notice the name change?

We are now: The Anti-investment blog.

If you want deeper understanding of the why and wherefore of this attitude read our archives or check out our Speculation Rules anti investment advice site.

We can state it simply.

Investment is dangerous because it seems safe.

Investments are a sub class of speculation - the blue chips are still gambling chips.

If you speculate you know there is a risk, and you protect yourself from the risk.

Yes people lose money in the futures markets, in forex, shorting stocks, or playing with options. They also lose money in IBM, government bonds, and soon probably in housing. The key is not to avoid risk - you can't. The key is to manage the inevitable and inescapable risks that come with life. Manage risk to have the best opportunity to win.

If you are lead by an adviser to an investment; they lead you to believe that you are making a wise long term choice. They pocket part of your money as a commission. You take a risk until they tell you to change your asset allocation - and they pocket another part of your shrinking wealth.

Learn to speculate instead of only investing. Play on the big kids playground.

Make investment decisions yourself, you want to be in charge of your own future.

No one cares more about your investments than you do - unless they plan on stealing your money.



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