Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Decision Matrix

The first time I saw a decision matrix used, it was before personal computers.

George Morrisey led a group in an executive decision making seminar and demonstrated this effective little tool, the decision matrix. George is a wonderful speaker - we all gained from his insights into decision making.

I have used George's decision matrix since and have taught it to others.

It takes a multi faceted problem, compares each choice to each of the other choices, and presents an optimal decision. You will experience a coolness factor when using a decision matrix, it allows a lot of adaptable comparisons.

A related decision matrix has been used as a one dimensional sales closing tool - in a simpler
do it - don't do it guise, but that is not where its strength lies. While I wouldn't use it to decide affairs of the heart; it works well for decisions as diverse as vacation destinations or business decisions.

There is now a free downloadable version, and it works quite well.

The important news is that it works for many complicated financial decisions, and can also solve complicated allocation problems so you can dedicate more time and thought to your speculations.

The catch is very small.

The company promoting the software, SiteSell, uses their website building and hosting tools as a simple example - that is the only catch.

SiteSell's software, prices, and support
are excellent - so a soft pitch should work well for them. They probably ran their decision to offer the software for free through the decision matrix.

If you are considering building or buying a web site consider purchasing their well priced, clean and powerful software.

If you are not in the market for an improved web presence, follow their SiteSell decision matrix example as a short tutorial and download this compact decision tool for free.

Whether you call it a decision matrix, or Choose It! as SiteSell does, this is a tool that may be valuable on your personal computer desktop.


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